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Hiya, just got a Zafira B breeze in otherwise very good condition apart from an air con fault.
1. System is charged.
2. Compressor and pressure switch both replaced.
3. Air con works, but only with the clutch hot wired to a spare fuse.

This was done before I bought the car and I was aware of it. However, on the M1 on one of the hottest days of the year and massive tail back because of train strike, the yellow spanner light came on and the car started misbehaving. After cooling off, no trouble since. No error codes and the water, engine and oil all look/run sweetly. I've checked out the overcomplex dual fan arrangement and they both operate. I could test 2 of the 3 possible states easily by dobbing the relay contact connections.

I'm thinking the ECU probably cuts the compressor if engine temperature is too high and because it's hot wired, couldn't do it?

I've been searching for a connection diagram for the clutch but cannot find one online, The relay (K8) and fuse (F4) are OK. I suspect the harness under the car, which looks like a cow to get at. I'd rather confirm ECU output, relay connections etc before pulling that out.

Line diagram of clutch back to relay, fuse and ECU or whatever controls it much appreciated please! :cool:
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