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right erm bought a 2004 astra with a z16xep engine

the guy who had it before me (gf bro) had the top end rebuilt about a month ago costing him £860 due to 2 burn out valves and a new cam shaft cover aswell a few weeks after piston one failed and wrecked 2 valves and the piston put a hole in the bottom end

have the recipts sitting some where not that they are any good just incase anyone wants to see them

any thing not listed just post up

the engine was running perfect when it came back from getting fixed

ecu kit

with 2 transponder chips and the reciver that goes round the barrel


3 pistons seem to be in good condition from what i can see £10 each or £25 for the 3

intake manifold complete offers

flywheel £40ono

air flow meter £25

exhaust manifold with cat £50

egr valve £25

cams £15 each

starter motor (looks fairly new) £20

alternator £20 quid

big end ( condition unknowen as of yet) (offers)

f17 gearbox all was well when he was driving it had no problems with it £70

im going to start stripping the rest of the engine this week so ill post with pictures of everything need any more pictures just ask

again ono on everything or pm me offers im not had to deal with all prices are collected but can come to some sort of deal

thanks for looking gilly


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do you still have the cam shafts, lifts and followers etc? if so how much posted to tr15 3lh thanks adam (think this was better thread than last lol )
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