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Alright so I've been having this issue with my car since I bought it (approx 3 years) and it's driving me NUTS. I'm in deep depression every single day of my life watching videos in order to help fix my car. I desperately need your help, since no mechanic is smart/knowledgeable enough in my country.
  • I've narrowed the problem down to the fuel mixture. Basically, the MAF is supposed to read 0.7v on idle (according to autodata, and I've tested it and confirmed it myself on other engines that work well), and on my car it's reading ~0.4v, but the MAF itself is not faulty, since I've swapped it with a proven working one and guess what - same result.
  • What is making my brain explode is that even though the MAF is reading a lot less air (8kg instead of 12kg) (when you convert the voltage, or use diagnostics), which should result in a LEAN mixture, the exhaust is REEKING of gasoline, and I can't decipher what's actually going on.

Here's a list of things I've done/tried so far, does anybody have ANY idea what could possibly be going on?
Clean ICV, Clean EGR, Blank EGR, Remove catalytic converter, Run an injection cleaner in the fuel tank
Replace spark plugs, Replace HT Leads, Replace Coil pack, Replace MAF sensor, Test Fuel pressure - absolutely spot on, Check Timing belt -aligned perfectly
Smoke tested the intake - no leaks found.
Checked the MAF wiring, the 5v wire is spot on, the signal wire going back to the ECU is also spot on.
Also, NO check engine light either!

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