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hi all ive had 3 in the past and now feel the bug has bitten me again!!

Im after a reasonable priced mk3 gsi turbo c20let as close to east sussex as possible,must be ready to go with tax and test,no huge fibreglass bodykits and 8" exhausts lol,im 30 with kids so would prefer a bit of a sleeper.
no preference on colour as long as its all the same one,and not rust brown lol.

my last mk3 was j390srf if anyone knows of it?
it ran a fully forged engine,prob 350bhp andwas an animal,but i got fed up and sold it,big mistake,i think it ended up broken as its no longer taxed:(
aaaaanyway,back to topic,if anyone has one get in touch,only other stipulation is it cant be a caged track car,must have seats/seatbelts etc so the kids can come out in it.

Basically im after a tidy mk3 astra or corsa b gsi that looks standard bar a set of wheels,etc,that runs a c20let,pref a f28,and is not overpriced,ive seen a few with people asking more than a mk4 gsi?

anyone with anything like this get in touch my email is
[email protected] cheers neil.
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