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As the title says, who grew up with Vauxhalls? What types of Cars did your parents buy?

These are the cars I grew up with (most of these cars where new/nearly new when these pictures where taken :)

MK1 Cavalier

Yes thats me on the right with my sister :D

MK2 Cavalier

Sorry about the dodgy pics I took these when I was about 4-5 ;)

MK1 Astra SR

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No pics im afraid but my Dad has had.

MK2 Cavalier GL
MK2 Cavalier CDi
Carlton CDX (x2)
Carlton GSI 3000
Cavalier GSI 2000
Senator 3.0
Astra SRi Estate

Oh and my Astra before me, from new.

Quite a selection, no wonder I ended up working for them :)

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I did

We used to have a nova cant remember much about it but is was black,
Then we had an astra gls in diamond black,
Then for about a year we had a 2.8tdi frontera and now i have my astra and my dad has a 2.2 l frontera:D

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Nope, grew up with Fords mainly.

My dad had two Mk1 Escorts. One he had from new and kept for 11 years! It only had 55k on it when he sold it. Then he had two Cortinas, then a Montego (company lease car). Then a Renault Clio, and now he has a lovely X-reg Focus 2.0 Ghia (which he's had from new).

No surprise then when I tell you that out of the seven cars I've owned, five have been fords. The cav I have now is the first Vauxhall I've owned. I wanted a Mondeo Si, but they were too expensive so I bought the Cav. Glad I did though, I like it! :D

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i grew up aorund american cars and all other types of cars my dad used to keep a car fro bout 2 weeks then flog it as he went through a ten year stage of being in the buying and selling car trade but kept a few of em for alot longer like the rolls royce. these are the ones i can remember

-bright yellow nissan bluebird turbo (really unreliable one at that)
-Porsche 911 Carrera
-Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2
-1985 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc Z28
-Saab 9000 Turbo
-Dodge Charger
- Ford Escort Series 1 Turbo
- bout 3 XR3's
- Mitsubishi Colt (Crappy Old thing)
- Masetro that spoke to ya
-Crappy old honda Civic
-Rot box of a vw derby
-Pontiac Fiero
-Pontiac Firebird
-Ponitac Phoeinx
-Some Buick Thing
-Chylsler lebaron
-Dirty Brown Metro that i wouldnt get in
-mk5 cortina
-austin marina
-Austin Maxi
-Lincoln Continental

and his present 78 corvette indy 500 pace car

there were tons more aswel but i cant be arsed to think of em now

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I did toooo.

Grandad had Astra Mk1, Astra Mk2

Dad had

Mk1 Cavalier Mk2 Cavalier (ahem Metro x2) Mk2 Carlton, Mk2 Carlton, Omega TD, Astra Mk4, Chevy Camaro

Mum had

Magnum 2.3, Mk2 Cavalier, Mk1 Carlton (I loved that motor), Mk2 Carlton, Mk2 Carlton (both moved on from my dad), Monterey, Trooper (well, kinda vaux!)

Bro had

Nova 1.3 SR (I loved this one toooo!), Nova 1.5TD, Astra Mk3 1.7D , Calibra 16v

so a fair amount of vauxs in my life.......

2014 Porsche Macan
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fords here :eek:

as far back as i can remember the only cars my dad kept for a long time and was only about 6 weeks old were

c reg orion 1.6 ghia
k reg sierra 1.8 lx
p reg mondeo 1.8 cant remember the model
s reg mondeo 2.0 ghia

listing the rest of the cars he's had use of for a month or so would go into the 1000's lol thats a car dealer for ya tho

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No Vauxhalls! From what I remember,

Ford Granada
Triumph Acclaim HLS
Ford Granada Estate
Audi 100 Avant

They now have,

Audi 100 Avant Turbo, VW Jetta Syncro

As for me,

VW Jetta TX(written off after 2 weeks)
VW Jetta GL(mostly made from bits of written off one)
BMW 318i E30
Audi 80 Sport
VW Jetta GTI 16V
VW Golf GTI 16V
Vauxhall Cavalier SRI
Seat Toledo 2.0 16v

Now Cavalier Turbo

I've mostly owned German cars and only bought the SRI because it was cheap. It was the most reliable car I ever had, but then my driving style got a little more sensible around the same time because the SRI doesnt handle like a Golf GTI! I hope the Cav Turbo is better in the bends than the SRI...

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My father has owned no fewer than 18 fords during my life time.
All purchased brand new !
And most of them white !

I only bought my first Cav cause my Wifes dad offered us a MK2 Cav Cheap (It was perfect with 31k on the clock.) We are now on our Second Cav (He gave us a Mk3 with 27K on the Clock) and our second Astra (I smashed up the first).

My dad no longer talks to me about cars, he's so upset !

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My dad bought a brand new Astra 1.3L estate back in 1982 when I was 10 :)

He's never had a vaux since though - we had all sorts of problems with it towards the end.

I've had in order of owning them :

1983 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia
1982 Ford Fiesta 1.1L
1982 Ford Cortina 1.6 Ghia
1979 Ford Fiesta 1.1L
1982 Renault 5 (for 10 mins then flogged it to my m8 cos I hated it)
1986 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 Merit
1993 Vauxhall Nova 1.2
1983 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia (for old times sake)
1988 Ford Sierra 1.8 Sapphire Automatic
1990 Ford Escort 1.3L
1990 Ford Granada 2.0i Ghia X
1995 Ford Fiesta 1.8 Diesel
1991 Vauxhall Astra SXI - current car

Lots of Fords and they were all pretty decent cars apart from the Cortina (duff head gasket)

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My dad had Fords mainly.

Zephyr V6
Mk1 Cortina
Corsair V4
Mk2 Lotus-Cortina
Mk2 Granada V6
Mk3 Cortina XL

Then he switched to Vauxhall for a while:

Mk1 Cavalier Sportshatch
Royale Coupe

After that it was Japanese motors.

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my family have always driven Vauxhalls, up untill the last year.

Dads had
MK2 Cavalier 1.6L
MK2 Cavalier Estate 1.6GL
MK3 Cavalier 2.0i GL
Calibra SE2 2.0i 16v
MK3 Cavalier 2.0i 16v
MK2 Carlton 2.0i GL
Omega V6
Omega 2.2i 16v

all were bought brand new and were company cars.

Mums had
Opel Manta GTE 2.0i
Corsa B 1.2i
Tigra 1.6i 16v

and I've had
MK1 Astra 1.3
Corsa C 1.2i 16v SXi
MK3 Cavalier 1.8i GLS
now I've got a cally 16v... the best car I've ever owned!

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My dad used to have a Vauxhall Victor 101, he liked that one, thought it was very comfortable.
Ppl used to keep trying to steal it though.
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