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...and the variants?

I've got a track car, at the time when I started building, red tops were expensive, ecotecs cheap as anything, so that's what I went with and it's remained mostly standard, although it has got 2 different manufacturer pistons in it from before I got it. The car runs fine, but still needs a Dyno run and set up as it's on 45s. I'm hopefully picking up a spare x20xev which I intend to build into a better spec engine, ported, polished, ARP bolts, rods and pistons, cams and so on.

Both engines share the same bottom end? So in theory of I'm buying rods and pistons, oil pump, water pump, I can use the c20xe suppliers?
Top end is different. But I seem to remember x18xev cams fit? And are an upgrade? Is that right?
There just never seems to be much available for the ecotecs now, we'd have cut down on what they used to have, so trying to work out what which x20xev/z20leh/x20let etc engines use the same parts. Parts are always listed for c20xe because so many race cars use them, but no one really used the x20xev


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