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As I've decided to keep my CDi and spend some serious money getting it tip-top etc I was wondering what mods I could do to the interior to make it a little more upto date.

I've already changed the indicator/wipers stalks to the later model version and got one of the programmable wiper relays but want to do some other things too.

I was thinking about changing the seats. The current original seats are in mint visual condition but the drivers seat rocks a little (think the lumber adjuster is worn) so what would look like a factory fit? It the dark grey velour stylie so something that as close a match would be nice.

I've got a set of GTE seats in the loft but they would need retrimming, not sure on the cost but its a possibility.

Would like to fit a fuel computer etc, are there any types that would fit without too much hassle?

Anything else I can do without too much mucking around?

OP :)

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I believe you can fit the Astra Mk3 computer. I am thinking of doing that too.

New gaitors if worn.

Mk3 dash is possible too. Some pics on here.
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