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Hi folks.

I have a Vauxhall VX220 turbo with the Z20LET engine. Ive been told this forum will be invaluable to me hence joining

My 1st issue is this...... Normal driving, the car is fine. However, as i found out today, under full throttle in 3rd and 4th gear, with my foot to the floor, the car sort of momentarily hesitates and you can hear the hiss of the recirc valve, as if i had taken my foot off the throttle....but i hadnt. It did it sort of every 500rpm 3k,3.5k,4k,4.5k etc

I cant think of a better way to describe it. When the recirc valve hisses the engine looses power its almost like flooring it then easing up on the pedal, then flooring it, then easing up etc

I hasnt thrown an EML and no stored codes with Opcom. Ive ruled the MAF out by unplugging and driving to see if it stays the same, which it did, and also threw the EML up. The car runs sweet apart from the 'surging' or whatever its called

I fitted new plugs, belts, pulleys, oil, filters, etc etc under 100 miles ago

Any ideas?
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