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Brand new air flow meter for V6, dont know which engine, can get part no. iv just opened box today to see what it was, box was water damaged,

cannot guarantee that it works, but i cant see why not being unused, and unopened.

if it dont work i will refund for item but not postage,

Brand new in box indicater stalk, i think for vectra, can get part no.

2 exhaust manifolds, think for vectra, one appears to be stainless, other is definatley mild steel,
Stainless £20
Mild £10

4 HT leads that came with a v6 lump, but i dont know if they are v6, if you tell me what to look for i will look, £3 each

also have a lambda sensor that came with a v6 lump but dont know what it is off,

also some other sort of sensor and something else i dont know what, if someone could post a pic i would be grateful, if you mail me i will send you a pic of any of the above.

Buyer pays postage
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