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A pair of phase2 alloys for the Vectra GSi both with tyres.

Bought em ages ago, ready for my 5stud conversion but not bothering now so no longer needed.

Alloy 1: Some small kerbing in places, and a mark on one of the legs (spokes), the tyre is a 215/40/17 DUNLOP and is perfectly MOT legal with about 5-6mm of tread, this tyre has some inner edge wear as the car it came off must have had tracking problems, but it is still perfectly legal as it is right on the side. Also has the centre cap.

Alloy 2: The tyre on this alloy is even better, another 215/40/17 DUNLOP, no edge wear and about 6-7mm, this alloy has a bit of kerbing as well but nothing dangerous or extreme.

All the black stuff on the alloys is just dirt, I am taking them to work 2morrow to steam clean all nice, inc the inside, and will be re-balanced.

Looking for £150 for the pair, or if 2 people interested I will sell them seperately if needed.

These are not exactly light so I cant send as a pair through parcel force, so have to send individually, this is £11.50 per package. I am going to PV04 so might take there but WILL require payment 1st as i'm not wasting space as I cant bring home due to picking something up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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