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== OFFER NOW OVER. Back to £345.99. visit ==

www Xmas 2014 Offer - 15% discount off a genuine opel-scannerCAN diagnostic tool.

Was £345.99 now £294 inc free UK Royal Mail Guaranteed shipping + 14-day "no quibble" refund guarantee.

Only 9 left in stock.
First come, first served. Offer ends midnight Xmas Eve 24 Dec 2014.

Don't want to spend £2000 for the real thing? How about getting the same capability for only £345.99? That's a 83% discount! But that's not all, all Migweb users get another 15% discount. Get a genuine opel-scannerCAN diagnostic tool for £294 until 24 Dec 2014. Simply PM us with your details and get this opel-scannerCAN where you plug this into your computer and have a professional diagnostic tool for your Vauxhall! This does a lot more than just resetting error codes.

How to order:
  1. Simply send us a Private Message with your name, postal address and email address.
  2. We'll send you an electronic Invoice to your email address where you can pay on-line securely with a Debit or Credit Card.
  3. The opel-scannerCAN shall be posted to your address and an email with a download link for the opel-scannerCAN Software Tool.
  4. You also get 1 years manufactures warranty, unlimited software updates and a 14-day "no quibble" refund guarantee (so long as the goods are in a resell-able condition).

This is guaranteed to work on:
  • UK Petrol cars from 2001
  • UK Diesel cars from 2004
  • It may work on cars from 1990 onwards but it is not guaranteed. If so it may also require a 10-pin (ALDL) to 16-pin (OBDII) adaptor cable - not supplied.
  • Works on BOSCH Motronic 2.7 2L 16V C20LET engines! (10-pin (ALDL) to 16-pin (OBDII) adaptor cable required)

System Requirements:
Note: software and drivers are only compatible on the following editions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems:-
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit. Windows 7/8 64-bit.
  • Will not work on Win8 32-bit
  • Will not work on Linux or Mac editions.
  • USB 1.0 or greater port required.
  • Internet connection (for software registration and updates).

What does it do?
  • Shows various Electronic Control Units (ECU) on the car including engine, gearbox, ABS, PAS, airbag, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Traction Control, Body Control System, Multi/Colour/Triple Info Displays, Audio System, Alarm/Immobiliser, Electronic Climate Control, Cruise Control, Sliding Roof plus many more. Basically, if there's an ECU on your car this can connect to it.
  • Displays diagnostic trouble codes (Each fault code is displayed with a Trouble Code ID, description, status, and repair information when available).
  • Displays live data parameters. Up to 4 can be drawn as a trace simultaneously.
  • Clears diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Conducts actuator tests (eg fuel injectors, idle speed control valves etc).
  • Reads firmware from selected ECUs.
  • Reads login code from selected models.
  • Clears crash records from selected Airbags.
  • Reads security code from GM fitted Radio's.
  • Obtain Security Codes if you the cars Vauxhall Security Pass pin.
  • You can NOT re-map or reprogramme an ECU with this tool. This is available with an add-on pack. Please enquire for details and prices.

For more information visit:
opel-scannerCAN - Vauxhall Trader

Vauxhall Trader is an official reseller of opel-scanner parts


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I got a few questions about details on what the opel-scannerCAN can read. Rather than reply to messages separately, I've decided to shows some of its functionality here. I don't have access to a large range of Vauxhalls so I based this on a 2004 Vauxhall Astra-G (MK4) 2.2L 16V (Z22SE).

Car: 2004 Vauxhall Astra-G (MK4) 2.2L 16V (Z22SE)

First, select your car from the list and the module that you wish to view. In this case we are looking at the engine control unit. Notice at the range of possible modules that you could view. Note: the list is not 'matched' to your car, it depends on what ECU's or rather 'options' your car came with. So not all are possible to view.

Tip: if you want to view all the fault codes, or even clear all the fault codes on various modules on your car, press the SCAN button

Once you have selected the engine control unit, press START to connect to the module. The ID status is displayed on the screen.

Along the top are several buttons. These are common no matter what module you are viewing. They are
  • ECU Info
  • Trouble Codes
  • Parameters
  • Graphs
  • Special
Or you can press the associated Function key.

Trouble Codes:
If there are any errors present or logged in the past they are shown here. Clicking on each fault codes gives you more diagnostic information. Or they can be cleared.

All available sensors can be shown in real-time, very useful for fault finding. Alternatively you can click on each reading and it will be displayed on the scope trace below, useful in seeing activity over time.

If one scope trace is not enough how about four? You can view up to four readings/sensors simultaneously in real-time.

Probably the most interesting section as it depends on what the module can support. So for each car, ECU and module, the 'specials' tab can be very different. For the GMPT-E15 ECU the following are available:
  • Actuator test
  • Control ECU1
  • Additional Functions
  • Variant Configuration Coding

Special: Actuator Test
You can test many actuators on your car to see if they work. Most need to be done with the engine off. For example here you can see if the Check Light works on the dash or Fuel Pump Relay works etc.

Special: Control ECU1
In this section you can change the default settings. For example you can change the engine idle speed.

Special: Additional Functions
This additional section lists re-setting or re-calibrating the "self-learning" aspects of the engine control unit.

Special: Variant Configuration Coding
Confirming what modules have configuration coding features.

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Another example on the 2004 Vauxhall Astra-G (MK4) 2.2L 16V (Z22SE).
This time its the Anti-Theft module under the BCS (Body Control System) which covers items such as all your alarm sensors on your sun roof, doors, boot, dead locks etc and your car key codes. This is a good tool to blank or programme new car keys to your car.

Once connected to your cars BCS it displays it status

You can view any trouble codes stored (if any)

View real-time data on the Anti-Theft module

Or display it on 4 graphs of your choice in real-time.

The specials screen allows you to blank or programme new keys to your car.

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Another example on the 2004 Vauxhall Astra-G (MK4) 2.2L 16V (Z22SE).
This time its the Immobiliser II unit. NOTE: not all immobiliser modules on ALL Vauxhall cars will be available to opel-scannerCAN. Due to security and UK laws, additional opel-scannerCAN Pro license has to be purchased for each type of ECU. Therefore the standard opel-scannerCAN has limited functionality but is still above and beyond most hobby or professional OBDII equipment.

Status screen

Trouble codes (if any)

Parameters screen, see everything in real-time

Graphs screen, display up to 4 sensors as the same time in real-time

Specials screen: To make any changes, enter in your cars "Vauxhall Pass Card" 4-digit number. If you don't have it you can request one from Vauxhall dealer, think its about £40. Or if you have many cars to do, ie you are a dealer, you can purchase opel-scannerCAN Pro which can obtain them for you.
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