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Due to my recient purchase of my Vectra Gsi I am now reluctanly having to sell my Cavalier

Its a 1.8 8v LS (cheap insurance group 8)
Will have 12 months MOT when sold
73k genuine miles
Full service history
Oil changed and filter cleaned every 5k miles by myself
Ram air induction kit (sounds fantasic)
Inxx chrome bonnet lifters

Metalic Green
Lowered 30mm front, 40mm back
16" Team dynamic alloys
Ice blue fog lamps
Clear side repeaters
Paintwork almost imaculate
no dents or scrapes

Kenwood cd player
Kenwood Coaxis speakers in door
Electric arial
Blue LEDs (better than yellow bulbs)
Green dash (same as colour of car)
Sparco peadals
Ripspeed handbrake handle
Electric front windows
Drivers airbag

Bad points
needs 2 new front tyres
nearside alloy has slight dent in it due to a pot hole, but ive been told can just be knocked out when the tyres are changed
one of the fog lamps has smashed, proberbly due to a stone chip
Thats it, nothing else

Located near Walsall, near birmingham

£1500 or nearset offer

PM me or email me [email protected]


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belive it or not this car is still for sale!

its been sat in my garage for the last year, and i havent had the heart (or the inclination!) to sell it.

I thought if my main car stuffs up ive got a decient spare one handy, however my dad wants the other half of the garage back so any decient offers let me know

Its got 17's on at the min with brand new pirelli tyres so if i get the right offer then they can stay on, otherwise ive got some steelies to go on them



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After a total of 2 and a half years of selling it and keeping it and selling it keeping it etc... Its still here and any offer will be considered to make some room for new metal comming our way!

It is still practically in the same condition as the photos above, its even got the 16's pictured above still!

Only got 77k miles on the clock now so thats like 5k miles in 2 and a half years! Only really used as a spare car, so always stored in the garage when not used

No fog lights now as one broke and the stereo has changed to standard speakers and a sony cd headunit

any offers at all email [email protected]

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