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Hello all. The time has come to sell my calibra for the princely sum of £100.

It is a J reg, black 2.0 8v that i originally had tuned to make 138bhp (mig web rolling road december 03) it comes with a lexmaul exhaust manifold, pvd panel filter, cold air feed, decat pipe and a (damaged!) 5 inch chrome exhaust, but no speedo clocks MOT or road tax.

Basically its just sitting on my sister's drive and both she and I want rid of it. It is in the liverpool, waterloo area so if anyone is interested (i mean in picking it up not viewing it) then please let me know. It will run although the (new) battery is flat. last time it was MOT'd it passed with the caveat it would need a new wheel bearing and that would be that. Recently it has had new pads, new anti roll bar bushes, new cv gaiters and three new tyres.

As you can see, £100 for three new tyres, a performance exhaust manifold and various other calibra spares is a bargain although you would have to collect the car and get rid of it.
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