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I have a 1997 Daewoo Nexia GLXi saloon with ABS which has never actually worked as long as I have known
The light comes on and goes out as it should so MOTs have so far not been an issue but the system has never prevented the wheels from locking up

It is a little overdue for brake fluid change so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to rip out the ABS because I'm sure my luck will run out one day and the light will stay on which will be the end of a perfectly good and reliable runner

As Nexias are quite rare now I am looking into swapping the Nexia ABS master cylinder for a Mk3 Astra non-ABS unit
I have one on order and it does look the same going on the photos
The front calipers definitely match Mk3 Astra GSi part numbers as do many other parts so I am quite confident this will be a straight swap

My question is on the rear brake proportioning/bias valves
The Nexia non-ABS has them attached directly to the lower two lines of the master cylinder
As far as I can find the Mk3 Astra only has the bias valves on the rear disc model as a load spring of some sorts on the rear beam

Does anyone know if the Mk3 Astra brake master cylinder is already biased ( internally ) for front discs & rear drums?
If I do still need bias valves for rear drums then does anyone know where they are on the Mk3 Astra and perhaps part numbers?

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