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Took my Antara to local garage as heat in seating stopped working The car has always been serviced each year by Vauxhall to keep the lifetime warranty updated since new
Now told if it’s the heat controller that is faulty it would be covered … if it’s the heat pads in the seat then it’s not ? . To find out where the fault is garage wants £146 to diagnose what the issue is and will want more if the pads need replacing … as it won’t be covered ? …. I think this is pretty poor after my commitment to Vauxhall . Have raised. A complaint with Vauxhall , but from what I have read Vauxhall are rejecting claims as much as possible to protect costs

anyone else had such problems .. ? How hard is it to replace these pads yourself and how much are they as a guide ? … and is there a test you can do without removing them ?

kind regards and Merry Christmas to all
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