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I have just taken the one out of my cavalier as I brought an MP3 one for chrstmas.

Its a nearly top of the range Clarion model ARX8570Rz (It was a £300 head unit)

Looking for about £110

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completely logical Controls Sbloccaggio of premirullo to the extinction of the Autoreverse unit the Selector automatic rifle for Metal tapes Automatic control of program (APC) Jump of the empty spaces, Scansion begins them, Repetition Reduction of the noise Dolby® B/C

Rds-for with expanded characteristics EON 24 preselezioni (18 FM, 6 MW/LW) Scansion of preselezioni (PS) automatic Memorization (AS) Interrupting DX/LO

High power 4 x 45 electronic Controls (Volume/Bassi/Acuti/Bilanciamento/Fader) audio Silenziamento (to remote control) Control of the tone (Z-Enhancer) Loudness Exited of line to 6 channels (4 channels through escapes of 4 V)

Grande display dot-matrix 4 colors 11 characters rotary Key with control unit multifunctions integrated Key Prism Touch (coding multicolor for the functions available) Connector Ce NET for others members of the system, as an example multireaders CD and MD and members to passing, which a DSP/Equalizzatore, sintonizzatore TV and sintonizzatore DAB Dimmer automatic rifle for the nocturnal use Income for cellular audio Silenziamento set in action from cellular Clock RDS (CT) Remote control to infrared Console to ribaltamento

Control more cartridges than loading (6/12 discs) Memorizzazione/visualizzazione of the titles them of the CD Riproduzione/pausa accidental Reproduction (disc singolo/cassetta of caricamento/tutti discs) Scansion iniziale/scansione of the disc Repetition (brano/disco/cassetta of loading) Search of the brani in avanti/all' behind audible Search to two directed speed in avanti/all' behind Approached the disc

Panel of complete removable control of guard antitheft Pointer (LED blinking)

Translated from a site :confused:
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