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Aye, took the crunch as my love for N/A grew. Here’s the story/ diary of the happenings…

Tuesday 1st February
James (jonlem) PM’d me on Monday night at 10pm to say he has a mate selling some TB’s and by midnight after the chatting, picture & video swapping I’d bought them.

Wednesday 2nd February
Michelle & I travelled over to St.Ives (Cambs) to collect the kit after work to meet James & Martin (The Creator).

So there we were –parked up our Novas, mine; very stealth, looks plain, sat next to Martins; Land Rover Blue fully kitted with a huge spoiler, and an even bigger FMIC. Guess where we were? Yeah – that’s right, we met in McDonalds to do the deal :cool: lmao

We spoke for about an hour, had some dinner & drink, then we went out to the car park where he shown me the kit, and I shown him the money, he talked through what was what, things included, things I’d need to get etc.

My buy included: QED Direct-to-head 45mm Throttlebodies, with DTA E48 Fast Management and loom, ARP conrod bolts, 8v rubber sump gasket, shortened polished trumpets, brand new ITG mushroom filter, coil-pack & SBD coil-pack holder, polished end cap, throttle cable modified to fit standard pedal, under-slung linkage, 6 DTA maps, & data-link cable.

Got home around 8pm that night and called Neil (njmchugh) & we arranged to fit the ARP’s & sump gasket on the Saturday.

Looky nicey

Direct to Head

Saturday 5th February
Early doors I turned up and stripped it all down, and then ‘the other Neil’ (Orange Peel) turned up to lend a hand, cheers mate. That was the bottom end part out of the way. That all went according to plan. As I need an exhaust fitting before the mapping session, and once it’s fitted didn’t want to remove it again.


Me chamfering the caps

Chamfered caps

ARP's fitted

That night I then called Ashley Competition Exhausts, and arranged an overbore manifold & exhaust to be made to fit my car. It’s is .25” bigger every step to a standard one. So 1.75” at the head, goes up to 2” bore where it joins into 2, and then ends at 2.25” bore, where the bigger 2 box exhaust system (2.25” bore all the way) takes over. (all mandrel bent too mmmm) With a 3” round polished tailpipe

Wednesday 9th February
Dropped off my car at 8am Wednesday before work over in Walsall, spoke to the chap and explained that I needed a lambda hole putting in, I needed it below 98dB @ 4k rpm for track days (rough estimate of a drive-by) and that the bonnet catch was dodgy lmao

Friday 11th February
Got a call Thursday to say it was finished, so arranged with work to leave early so we could collect it on Friday after work. So that meant the manifold, exhaust and bottom end are all sorted, ready for the TB fitting & mapping session.

Got the car back, started her up – yummy a nice rumble on tick over :D big smiles all round, gave it a blip and it’s not too loud. On the way home, it was certainly “different” to what I had been used to for the past 8 months, but I loved it. A little raspy once it going, but then drives out of it.

Overbore Manifold (with paint flaking off)

Mandrel bent 2.25" system

3" round polished tailpipe

Martin (The Creator) called that night to see how the exhaust was, and arranged to fit TB’s that Sunday.

Saturday 12th February
Knowing that we were fitting the TB’s the following day, I went and bought some fuel line, and an Inlet Manifold gasket. Also stripped down the engine bay and sprayed it up with a rattle can, in the wind & rain. Not the best of jobs but it certainly looks better than I expected it to considering the circumstances, I’m happy with it. Now engine bay is correct colour white.

All masked off ready to be sprayed

One side done

T'other side done

Slam panel done

Trying to get it to dry at 10pm wasn't easy

Sunday 13th February
James & Martin arrived at mine at around 10:30am on Sunday morning, and by 4pm after 5 coffees each, bacon sandwiches and beans on toast with cheese on top (cheers Michelle) – it was up and running. :D

Martin aka Rooney stripping out the old loom

James aka Jonlem doing other stuff

In car wiring

oi oi

Almost there


The finished bay - hence the avatar ;)

I couldn’t stop smiling – it ticked over sweet with no rattles, tapping or anything. Over the moon!

Got cleared up, and Martin jumped in the car and said “c’mon then, lets take her out” so I jumped in, started her up… BWWWAAARRRRP! Got down the road, and then Martin wanted a go lmao Check it out:

It was then all ready for the mapping session on Tuesday

Tuesday 15th February

Left home at 07:30am and travelled down to Troy, Steve & Chris @ NMS, got there just before 9am where I was greeted with a cup of coffee. Put the car on the ramps just to plug in the lambda probe, then strapped it down on the rollers ready for the mapping session. Paul (novashed) turned up not long after he stayed for a bit, took me down the shop for some breakfast. When I got back, Troy was at the 3.5k rpm mapping stage, the noise started to appear more and more.

By the time 12:30pm turned, it was fully mapped up, we did 5 power runs making tweaks to the fuelling, in sequence I got:
1. 181.1bhp… 2. 179.9bhp… 3. 180.0bhp… 4. 179.5bhp… 5. 181.3bhp

With the smoothness of every curve, and not a great deal of difference between the runs, the only changes were at very top end at where the others seems to dip and drop off a little bit.

We decided to revert to the very first power run which I was happy with and a confirmed: 181.1bhp – 151.6lbft

Nice & Shiney

Cool undercar shot

Camcorder in situ

Troy mapping away

There she goes!

Another angle

Whilst they were mapping away, I decide to sort my filter backing plate out

Final power result (compared to pre TB's & exhaust)

Final Torque result (compared to pre TB's & exhaust)

Complete figures

:D Damn Happy! :D

Drive home was eventful, first of all my speed cable snapped in the back of my clocks so I didn’t have a reading, doh! Secondly it started raining, went to put the wipers on, and the fuse had blown and had no spares with me, so there I was driving up the M1 with me arm out the window and a squeegee in my hand lmao

Extremely happy with the end result, and last but not least:

Big thanks to: Lads @ NMS, Martin (The Creator), James (jonlem), Neil (njmchugh), Neil (Orange Peel) & Michelle (x.Michelle.x)

Here’s a quick .wmv file of my engine bay. Before spraying and after, and before and after TB’s using still images…

Within 14 days gone from a boggo standard Nova XE with 144bhp, piddle 1.2 exhaust and a multicoloured engine bay, to a Nova XE on TB's with 181bhp, 2.25" bored exhaust with a correct colour engine bay. I'm well chuffed!

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sid16v said:
lmao @ pop bottle. I'm using a coke bottle, only pansies use Robinsons ones lmao
:p bet you've never seen a Robinsons one tho eh :p

Trig: OllyTB is still favourite tho...

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Looking good Olly, glad everything went smoothly, great power figure too

Thanks to Michelle for the lunch and constant cups of Tea and Coffee

Cant wait for sunday now, Its gonna be crazy, best I dont crash martins car though eh lol

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AJBek said:
Looking great Olly, you must be well happy with the results. How does it compare to your old turbo?
Funny you should mention that as we put the graphs up on screen comparing these results to my Turbo ones.

My Nova is by far alot quicker, and better (handling wise) to drive as all I've concentrated on is speed and handling.

In a straight line, my Nova XE (std - 144bhp) matched my Astra Turbo (215bhp) down the Pod in 14.6s.

I'm yet to go around Coombe in the Nova, but I certainly can't wait now.

All in all, muchoes prefer my Nova in every way.
Dan¹ said:
Niiiice. Happy with the power gains for the price?
Yes, definately - the noise and driveablility accounts for a lot of it, but even more so because of the price I got everything at. :beer:

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Ace :cool: Just think all the time you wasted trying to get a strut brace that'd fit over the SFi eh ;) lol

TB's certainly are ace :D bet you're well chuffed. ps. told you it was easy to fit them :p

How much did mapping cost, and how long did it take?

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just a quick question where is the flexi on the exhaust,i know the engine moves back and forth and it will put stress on the exhaust mounts,i always put flexis on front wheel drive cars.
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