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Hi I've just brought another cavalier saloon after years of looking for a rot free example.
It's a 1.8 casaro motorsport.
I want to change the engine I'm a c20xe man all day long at current prices tho I don't think so.
So x20xev I know the differences between the xe and the xev mainly the head valve angle egr etc which is restricting. I've seen these push big numbers turbo charged.
But never seen any actual proof of anyone building a n/a x20xev ie bodies ported head xe race cams custom exhaust manifold.
I know people are gone say don't waste your time buy an xe bla bla bla but does anyone actually have proof these engines cannot produce na power.
I know it cost thousands but so do xe s but a known good xe thats not worn out is £1000 to begin with I've just got a low mileage xev for £30 quid.
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