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Hi everyone I am new here so let me just give a quick introduction

I bought a 1.7 2012 plate Astravan last year and I've fallen in love with it. I've been doing my best to keep it at its best, despite 270k on the clock it seems to run fine however I can tell it won't last forever.

I searched around for suitable suitable engines to swap it with and haven't found much except a post on this site dating back to 2009 for a Mk4.

Apparently Saab engines quite ready fit such as the 9-5
Or similar, what I'd like to ask is any opinions on an engine I could throw in this thing without having to cut, weld and fabricate the engine bay to mount it (at least not to an extreme amount.)

Also I realise this section of the forums is about engines but with a recommended conversion, any information regarding components like the gearbox for example needing to be upgraded or any unlikely to handle the conversion would be greatly appreciated

Cheers guys! Sorry for the long post
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