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Well here is my pride and joy

I bought this 40" after one harvest after working my bollocks off.
I am looking at selling it, I saw it on the Snap-On van when I to buy a new ratchet and ended up blowing half of my money haha..

Its 10months old. Was £2500 when I bought it, I do use it and does have general ware a tear.. Nothing major, On the left side of the top top there scratches where I had my magnetic light.

I clean it once an month, With zip-wax then a polish and some deamon shine... Bascily it get more treatment then my van.

Its has the slide locks, 2 sets of key, and couple of stickers on it.

The side cabinet has 4 drews and 3 shelves

I am after about £1950ono with the side cabinet.

Alot of Snap-On tools can be included with a discussed price.. (About £4000 in tools)

Collected, And viewed idealy. No paypal or cheques. Cash only..

Please email, Phone or PM me if anyone is interested.



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