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parents are getting annoyed with all my car bits around house/shed. and some cash would be good.

clearing out the shed so i have a few parts for sale.

corsa 1.4 16v airbox and brand new filter - £10 also have 4 brand new spark plugs i never fitted for the same engine (8v plugs are diff) thatll ill throw in for the tennor.

i also have a nova sr/gte tailgate, colour is rover blue, its in mint condition (well was when i last checked lol) and i have a magnex s/s backbox rest of system is fecked as i attacked it with a hacksaw - £30 for both tailgate and exhaust/ theyve been sat in my garden for over 2 years though....

3 spoke alloy wheels(4 wheels) from my old corsa. multifitment. dont know offset/pcd. they came off a lowered vauxhall without any scrubbing but fronts did rub on full lock(pas belt was fecked too tho). kerbed wheels around edges(no chunks out of wheels) and one tyre needs replaced due to well crap camber. only 2 centre caps. £25 i had em balanced too before i took em off :roll: tyres are continentals i think - not the best but last for ages!

also have pug 106 xs1 alloys X 5. all in good nick, 3 makes of tyres but good tyres and lots of tread. £50

alloy fuel cover for nova/mk2 astra. as new with slight scuffs as its sat in house since i bought it. needs a gasket for a mk2 astra which ive lost..... have two keys for it - £10.

poly bushes for a corsa/nova brand new came with a koni adjustable kit but i never used em. they cost £30 but im after £10.

pics available for all of above and i have a few other things laying around.

such as

k and n filter for a sohc 8v small block vauxhall engine(can have with tailgate and exhaust backbox). haynes manuals for nova and corsa. astra gsi functional vents but i may keep em cos ive got a astra now.

email is [email protected] if you want to ask any questions/get in touch with me if you dont reply here. thats my msn addy too. bear in mind im in north east of scotland if you want stuff posted as thatll add to cost.

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