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As above gents... anybody own something retro or something a bit shite? If so then this will be right up your street. The Retroshite guys (see Facebook for details) have a monthy meet and this month it's back at the old derelict farm in Dunfermline so that means huge indoor barn and some excellent photo opportunities.

Retroshite Meet


Sunday 26th January at 11:00 and usually lasts a couple of hours

Anybody with something retro or a bit crap

Anything else?
Yes, the location is on an old farm right in the middle of a new housing development and thus the good, God fearing, Audi driving, Daily Mail reading people of Dunfermline would really rather your didn't drive like a total spactard and so would the organisers. The road leading to the farm is about a quarter of a mile, tarmac and straight... it's easy to get confused and think it's Crail Raceway. It isn't. It's someones drive so don't be a pleb and drive up it at 90mph.

Is this an official Migweb meet?


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