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I'd just like to start by saying, I know I've not got a lot of posts but I've traded through this website before with success more than once. I'm an honest guy looking to sell something with as little hassle to buyer and myself as possible - I feel this is needed because of the way classifieds, on any site, can be now.

Anyhoo, as title I've got a pair of brand new, in the box never used 256mm 4x100 brake discs.

They're the same as these: so fit the usual array of vauxhalls that use the 2.0 brake setup.

Ideal for better braking perfromance and really look the part behind your wheels.

It's not hard to imagine what these look like, but pictures of the actual items just to show they're in my possession! :

These cost me around the £85 mark but I got the chance of a V6 setup before I actually fitted them so they became surplus to requirement.

Base price of £50 but I'm willing to listen to sensible offers. I could post them if need be as well but would have to check how much it would cost.
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