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T`was a good day at the pod today, enjoyed it again, met olly and miles n chris all nice chaps :) :beer:

First time runnin down in the cally, didn`t do too badly at all, considering i finshed fitting the last bits of the phase kit Friday night at 11:30! :rolleyes:
Couple o good races with olly n add! :)

Best time was 14.11 @ 100mph

Reckon theres plenty more to come boostin to around only 1.2 bar today :)

Few pics:

First run me n Add - Add did well ran a 16.0 :)

Add lookin a tad camp??!!? :eek: lmao

No no no! this pipe goes here! ;)

Add did well ran a 16.0 :)

Olly and miles at the start - Bloody fast nova!

Nice motor, still the best engine bay i`ve ever seen! :)

Chris H ( I think, correct me if i`m wrong!)

12 second golf - nice :cool:

its to save petrol more so lmao

thanks for the comments :beer: had a fantastic day!

my best time was 14.8secs fully loaded which is an improvement on last time I ran with all me shee't in :beer:

got 738 pics, and over 100 videos..... what to do ... what to do... lmao

was a big bonus due to 'Redline Rumble' being on tomorrow, i got 18 runs in altogether, and stopped about 3ish because got bored, also stopped between about 12pm - 2pm...

aye - twas a quiet but good day :D

will get full set of times up later...
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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