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so we started with a 2013 zafira, engine code a16 xer, but she has the "Half moon " cams in her from the z16 xer.
burning oil like crazy lost compression, kaput.
so customer orders new engine, - asks us to fit it.
we do,
all is well aside from every accessory on it had to be swapped due to different loom and ecu.
and now, timed up properly-
getting mehanical referenece vanos codes, reference will not go away, its got new vanos units, new cam sensors, new vanos solenoids, but still, engine is retarded and bogs, throws 0014 and 0011 codes.
we havent knocked the cam rings, the oil is beautfully clean as is the filter, engine only has 40k on it.
its compatibility isnt it?
any ideas before we scrap it , pull the engine, rebuild send back to supplier etc etc....
installed engine is astra a16 xer. so is zafira b engine but zaf b engine is a z16xer with an A16 cat on it.- crossover years, running old style plugs ecu , cam sensors, we swapped everything- down to the cranks sensor and the kncok sensor to be sure, the MAP is in a diff. location - but same sensor, same plug- makes no difference if unplugged in any case...
and its not timing, we usually dont bother with the crank locking plate/pin thingy when we cambelt em, as they are so familiar , but when this threw its codes we retimed it in the workshop manual idiot proof manner even popped the plug to ensure TDC#1 is actually TDC#1-
IVe heard nightmare stories about incompatibility with these this what we have run into?
am i missing something? is there a reprogramming step using security codes weve missed?
we dont have the code and presumably "relearn settings " is enough when installing new vanos units....or was this the nig mistake? telling it to relearn,
its baking our head and we will have to eat the entire bill , job is already a week late.... it runs just fine until the vanos units decide to try and adjust - the intake one leaps all over the place
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