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phase1 vauxhall astra gsi turbo c20let £2200ono
here we have my mk3 astra gsi has been fitted with a cavalier turbo engine c20let. Engine has just had a full rebuild and has just done the 1500 mile running in period. i have no proof of this but i have but any inspection is welcome or strip down if cash is in my hand as i have also had it apart to check it had been rebuilt. it has also just been fitted with a new turbo any inspection of engine or turbo welcome. it also has a 3 inch down pipe and full powerflow exaust sytem which is nice and quiet when driving around but sounds awsome when it comes on boost. Has large evo front mount custom made to the car with custom solid boost pipes.and top hat Has a baileys dump valve which sounds the dogs. Has also got phase 3 ecu fitted so can run more boost ect although it is only running 6 psi at the minute as i dont feel it needs more. There is NO SMOKE ect from eaither engine or turbo AT ALL and turbo spools up very quick. also just had new clutch fitted. Any other question about engine ect please ask.

Now to the body and interior. For the age of the car it looks amazing would emagine it has been resprayed at some point due to being so clean and looks great after a pollish but may be the odd mark due to its age nothing that stands out at you just covering my back incase sombody comes and goes over it with a fine comb being very picky. It has 2 new tyres on the front and decent tread on the rears. New vented disks fitted with new pads. Also just had new bottom arms, balls joints, drop links ect so as you can emagine it drives great.
The interior is also in good condition for age with only ware on driver bolster. Has electric heated mirriors ,heated gsi seats which are rare, electric sun roof ,trip computer all works as it should unlike most that have been converted.

Now for the bad bits

Think the wire may have come of the elctric sunroof or a fuse as this dont open
Carpet on drivers footwell is a bit saggy but makes no difference im just fussy
And eml light is on iv had this read and is down to icv which should be done before car goes deppending on how soon it sells
And lastly the grill sits out a bit by the driver headlight

Thats about it realie any questions please ask and i will try and answer as quick an honnest as possible veiwing is welcome anytime just ask. My number is 07774316069

12month mot 4 momth tax

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