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Cavelier 89-on

X2 o/s/r lamp second hand good
X2 n/s/r lamp second hand good
o/s/f ind lamp white second hand
n/s/f ind lamp white second hand
o/s head lamp glass, seal + clips New
o/s head lamp glass, seal + clips Second hand
o/s/f outer door handle New
front suspension insert New 90372396
outer cv joint New 90542853
n/s front head lamp New
pair of Cav 2.0i rear disks (non hub type) good second hand 90421872
pair pump up Monroe rear shocks with valve
tailgate lamp panel good second hand
wheel trim 14” new 90445432
wheel trim 14” new 90445434
pair rear head rests second hand good – Grey
X3 o/s door mirror covers
Complete electric mirror New -minus glass
Central locking motor New 90336027
Bottom swivel joint New 90297863
Header tank New 90409612
Clutch kit New (pressure plate has surface rust) R1020027
o/s drive shaft second hand
o/s/f bottom wish bone New 90495160
n/s/f bottom wish bone second hand good
n/s/f electric window regulator New
Thermostat housing second hand good (long bolts to block)
Thermostat plus housing New
X2 fuel injection relay
Clutch cable
Interior lamp smoked

Astra Mk 1

Wheel trim new 13” 90111206pa
o/s/r lamp New 90052310
n/s/r lamp New 90069663

Astra Mk 2

n/s/f fog lamp New 097512190
o/s/r plus n/s/r seat belts New
n/s headlamp - no backing
n/s headlamp complete
o/s headlamp backing


Hazard light switch New
Rear screen switch New
Fog lamp switch New (green light front)
o/s/f headlamp glass

Cavelier Mk 2 (J type)

Pair of rear pump up shocks second hand good
Pair of rear lamps cross hatched smoke type
Pair of rear lamps thick line segment type
n/s/r lamp no lines
Exhaust heat shield
Windscreen wiper motor second hand
Front door window rubber/ channel 90160492
Varajet carb
Manual choke vacuum unit
n/s track rod end
X15 astra/cav camshaft rockers
Astra/cav cooling fan blade
n/s head lamp complete + 3 glasses
X2 o/s headlamp complete New
n/s door mirror cover New
n/s door mirror electric New
pair of front speakers standard
Mud flaps
Front grill Mexico red in colour
Central locking solenoid tailgate
Central locking relay
Oil + battery gauge ( only fitted to GL) New
Distributor vacuum unit New
Pedal rubbers
Break light switch
n/s Door rubbers new
wiper switch New
master cylinder + servo second hand (mounted on o/f engine comp)
Radiator second hand good
X2 electric cooling fans second hand good
X2 o/s/f indicator white
n/s/f indicator white New
o/s/f indicator orange
o/s headlamp glass
interior lamp
X2 wiper switch
Astra/cav coils round and square
Thrust race.

Offers for the above items or job lot, going cheap!

pm or reply to this thread!


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