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Oil Checking and Changing

It is important to check your oil regularly in order to keep you engine healthy. To do this, park your car on level ground and leave for an hour to allow the oil to drain back down to the sump. Remove the dipstick, usually located at the front right hand side of the engine and wipe clean. Relocate the dipstick fully and remove. Check the oil residue level in respect to the markings on the dipstick. Do not allow the oil level to drop below the minimum mark as this will result in wear and possibly failure of the engine. Do not over fill the engine either. There is usually upto 1 litre difference in oil capacity between the minimum and maximum mark, so fill accordingly.

It is also important to change your oil regularly in accordance with Vauxhall's recommendations. To change the oil, you first need to know which oil to use. This depends greatly on the type and condition of your engine and you should seek assistance at your local motor factors if you are not sure. You will also need an oil filter and a good engine flush.

To change you oil, start your car and allow it to get to running temperature. Add the engine flush to the oil following the instructions on the back of the container. After the flush is complete you need to drain the oil out of the engine. If you have some ramps, get the car up on them so that you can climb under the car to access the sump plug. If you do not have ramp, jack the car up and support it with axle stands. Remove the sump plug using the appropriate spanner, making sure you have a larger container (roughly 5 litres) ready to position under the sump to catch the oil as it spills out. Leave the sump to drain for about 20 minutes before continuing. Next replace the sump plug remembering to clean it first. Next you will need to remove the oil filter. This can usually be done by hand, but in some cases needs a little more force. If you do not have an appropriate tool, try hammering a screw driver through the side of it and use that as a lever, remember though, the filter still has oil in it! Once removed, fit the new one in place as tight as you can by hand. All that is needed now is the new oil. If you now have much oil you engine uses, fill with this amount, if not, be careful not to over fill. It is easier to add more than it is to take some out! Check the dipstick until the oil level is at max, making sure you account for oil that has not drained to the sump.

Remember to check your oil level regularly to prolong your engine's life.
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