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had problems with the o rings on the mis-ab spacers on my carbs. basically they had got petrol on them at some point when i had dismalted the manifold for some tapping and cleaning.

after a fruitless search of halfords and the the other local car shops. (also tried plumbers too) i went into a peugeot dealerships and spoke to the mechanic on the parts desk.

and he was a petrol head, asked what they were off and was then very intrested in the car, what kinda performance i got outa it and so on.

any back to the point, he didn't have o rings of the right size, but he said to gently heat them by putting them on a heater for a bit. this would then cause them to shrink back to their normal size by evapourating the petrol out of them. spectical? i was

went home and put them in my boiler room. ( iahve a kerosene fired central heating system) and left them over night, as the room is always warm and i didn't want to over heat them. wnt back this morning and they had shrunk back to their original size.

result!! no need to buy new ones!!:D :D
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