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2ltr 8v sri 130 engineblock damagedf16 gear box.
4 branch manifold. and compound gasket
ramair filter
full stainless like new made to go with 4 branchloud exhaust 4' tail pipe
full 60mm g-max kit- springs and shocks 60mm
15'tsw's 5 spoke's good tyre's
adjustable strut brace
near mint gsi interior inc dash may split if price is right
also another interior normal wear
window trim for exterior gsi/sri
dtm mirrors- SOLD
pmc suspension kit-good cond shocks
dimma fuel cap and keys.
15' tsw's good tyre's x 4
window motors x 4,switches, loom,
axle with anti roll bar and drums and complete flexi's not chopped
fuel tank- SOLD
all electrics work.
doors solid starting to get surface
pro tinted rear window's x3
all usuall gsi refinments.
good doors
wings ok
front lights and indicators x 4
rear standard gsi lights
wiper motors
gsi wiring loom,ecu,air flow meter,
2ltr 8v 130 head no rattles mint condition,
130 loom,ecu,
2ltr 8v shafts and cv's
2ltr 16v brakes-discs.pads,calipers!
servo/master cylinder.
gsi fuel pump
2ltr fuel pump
tie bars
lower arms
fuel lines
steering rack
steering colum
steering wheel
wiper switch's
hazard switch
gsi dials-122'000 miles reads 22535
speedo cable
clutch cable
pedals even
tailgate gone a bit at bottom
have a mint tailgate too wiith gsi spoiler x 2
clio rear wiper arm
full gsi kit,f+r bumpers, skirts, spoiler

anythiing u want or need give me a shout absolute everything's there!! and will be taken off with due care and attention- not butchered!!

as with everything its a 1st come 1st serve as pretty skint the now so need to recoupe money i have lost on this

u know the drill msn orr call 07753 340 924
Where is the car located?: central scotland
What is the age of the car?: 1992
Asking Price: £100000000
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