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right then people, i've got a 1983 1.1 VW polo, gold paint, 114k on the clock, theres a dent in the passengers door, a few rust spot, but nothing i consider to be major - considering its age. it could do with a new battery. theres also a hole in the exhaust manifold. the tax ran out end of april, and mot'd until the end of this month (may). i'm not wanting anything for this, i just want to get rid of it, and i think it would be a shame to scrap it considering its getting rare nowadays. i bought it back in july last year as a cheap runabout while i was saving money to do my astra project. its a good little runner (although there is no fuel in there at the mo!), had no problems with it (except battery, of course). interior is ok(ish) original seats etc. it would have to be towed away, or if some1 comes with a jerry can of fuel, i could jump start it for you. like i say, its free, so come on people, give this car a new home, possible restoration project, or just some old skool cool! let me know if yor interested. i'm in a town called raunds (northamptonshire), if you want to know more, pm me your number, and i'll give you a call. :beer:

PS pics to follow as soon as i get my digi cam off through the post. if no interest on here, i'll slap it on ebay for 1p starting bid no reserve!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts