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C20LET Phase 2 Chip's (Brand new)
SOLD :D :beer: ( Inc postage and fitting)

16" Tsw Venoms , 3 really good tyres(4th got ripped) But replacement still legal 3mil
£240 (Inc postage any where in UK)

2x K+N Induction kit's from 2ltr 8/16v GSI/SRI
Both used but good condition
£SOLD each (Inc postage)

Cavalier SRI Bumpers, Good condition, Black, Late spec
£35 (Inc Postage anywhere in Uk)

Cavalier GSI/TURBO DOORS, White, Complete with Glass/Handle/Bodykit/Door cards,
Will break
£30 each (Inc deliverly to any where in UK)
4x Door mouldings from Gsi/turbo kit £25
4x Interior door cards from Gsi £30
4X Glass set with matching codes £30
(All inc postage)

Cavalier Turbo rear panel, Black (Not painted)
Bit of handle part broken off but can be repaired
£20 (Inc postage)

Cavalier GSI rear panel , with "GSI2000 Badge also have vauxhall one
£18 (Inc postage)

Cavalier GSI Boot, Bit rusty inside and no panel as its for sale above, spoiler
£18 (Inc postage anywhere in UK)
£25 Inc panel, Postage still same

Standard Oil pump from C20LET, Will fit non turbo
£8 (Inc postage)

Headbolts from C20LET only done bout 8 miles, Been told by WALLACE PERFORMANCE they are still highly usable
£8 (Inc postage)

Genuine sunroof deflector, Tinted black
£18 (Inc postage)

Astra GTE Alloys, White, Tyres are all good condition
Only 3 centre caps
£60 (Inc postage any where in UK)

Interior Parts (All black)
Glovebox front £2,Heater vents x 3 £2,Fuse box cover £2,Stereo surround and hole underneath £2,Heater controls £3,
Passenger side surround (Above glovebox) £24,
Electric window switches x4 with surround and 6" of wiring £8,
Windscreen washer stalk £3,Passenger side mirror, black, electric SOLD,4x Plastic door handles £8,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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