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Yesterday when I was driving a Zafira A, the fuel light was on, but there was sufficient fuel, I believe. However, the Need Service Soon light suddenly went on, and the car lost power.

Here is a link to the photo of the light:

The car was drivable on a flat road. However, when going up hill, it would not go over about 20 KM per hour, even on second gear.

I stopped the car and started it again in about one hour. The Need Service Soon light was not on in the beginning, but came back after a few minutes.

Does someone have a similar experience?

I'm thinking of buying a cheap OBD II reader. Where I live at the moment, this is the most accessible product: Error code reader OBD-II/EOBD+CAN

Would you think that I will be able to get the error code and, if needed, delete error code with this device?

Thank you very much in advance, in case I could get some help or hints!
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