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I am breaking my cav gsi 1992 K reg so here is what I have for sale off my car of 3 years which cost me plenty to maintain :(

Cheers for looking

my cav gsi im breaking

Stuff to sell:


Cav GSI Shell: (in white, K reg 1992, all mot's, needs two new arches at £300 for whole job) - £ ????

C20XE Head: Big ports, gas flowed and skimmed giving very good torque - £350.00

Bottom End - rebored to 87.0mm plus new pistons (87.0mm), rings, oil seals, big and small end bearings and a set of core plugs thrown in aswell. So if your interested in this plus the head, loom and ecu and see over 180bhp from this lot, make me an offer that's not silly. Otherwise I will keep the engine once bottom end is re-built and use it for another idea ;). Mileage = 0 at mo. £400 alone for the 87.0mm pistons and rings parts!

E.C.U. - (Chipped) - £100.00

Loom - £40.00

C20XE Mannifold - £30.00

BK604 16" Alloys and Brand nearly new Goodyear F1 tyres 215x40x16's (rear driver side tyre has very slight wear on inner from camber) - £350.00

Cav GSI Bodykit-
Rear bumper - £30.00
Door mouldings - £40.00

White Cav GSI doors x 4 (no rust what so ever mint! includes glass and motors) - £100.00

Electric sunroof complete (incls motor, loom asnd switches..great for putting in non electric sunroof vauxhalls - £60.00

Cav Gsi Speedo - (no peeling backing, mint) - £35.00

Cav Gsi Speedo - (Lockwood dial kit incl.) - £50.00

White Smoked side repeaters - £10.00

Interior doorcards - £45.00

Electric Mirrors (heated) - £40.00

Leather Cav GSI gearknob gaitor - £10.00

Dash - (Black very good condition, no cracks and all trim) - £100.00

Cav GSI/Turbo boot lip spoiler - £15.00

Cav GSI Bonnet with blended in celica gtr bonnet vent and meshed - £150.00

ABS Unit - £35.00

Coolent expansion tank and sensor - £10.00

Brake Fluid expansion tank and sensor - £10.00

Ignition module - £25.00

Toad alarm and immobilser - (full closure) £150.00

Radiator - (few months old) - £40.00

Alternator - £40.00

Starter Motor - (few months old) - £40.00

Cav Turbo Centre Console - (includes window switches and trip computer switches) - £40.00

Hubs x 4 (four-stud)- £60.00

Cav GSI struts front and rear( i.e. suspension legs) - £40.00/pair

Steering column (adjustable) - £20.00

2wd Cav GSI Power Steering rack - £30.00

4x4 Cav Turbo steering rack - £30.00

4x4 Cav Gsi steering rack - £30.00

Electric aerial unit/motor and mast - £30.00

Heater matrix - £20.00
Glovebox - £10.00
Heater fan - £10.00
Cav GSI Boot panel - (incl. all badges) - £10.00
Front Windscreen - £30.00
Rear Windscreen - £30.00
Rear quarter window panels x2 - £5.00 ech
Boot Carpet - £10.00
Side arch carpet - £5.00

Cheers again for looking

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I'll take the Trip Computer incl wiring please.

Is the cav 2wd or 4wd?????????????????
suspension needed for calibra 16v.
G-Max full suspension kit with 60mm loweing springs (only a few thousand miles done on them)

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If you will do me a deal on the complete engine ie head, bottom end loom ECU etc then i will be interested but must be at the right price.


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Morette headlights

I shall offer you £50 for the headlights.
I will off course arrange courier to collect if you can box em up for me?

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There does seem to be a loty of interest in the morrettes.

Adam says he's not sure yet if he'll keep em for his new cav, but I suppose when he decides he'll work his way down the list of people who'll pay the £100 to see who still wants them.

So we'll just have to hang tight.

(Hurry up Adam) ;) :p
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