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Got a total of 18 runs in altogether, and finished at 3pm...

Here are my best times of the day:

14.893 @ 94.50mph | Reaction: 0.311 | 60ft: 2.438 | 330ft: 6.429 | 1/8 mile: 9.702
14.905 @ 94.10mph | Reaction: 0.359 | 60ft: 2.411 | 330ft: 6.400 | 1/8 mile: 9.688
14.917 @ 93.93mph | Reaction: 0.424 | 60ft: 2.424 | 330ft: 6.444 | 1/8 mile: 9.704
14.955 @ 93.94mph | Reaction: 0.410 | 60ft: 2.447 | 330ft: 6.438 | 1/8 mile: 9.731

14.982 @ 94.13mph
15.120 @ 93.87mph
15.131 @ 93.56mph

Nothing record breaking for me, best ever so far is a 14.6 @ 94.55mph with no ICE or backseats, but beat my "fully loaded" time which was previously 15.032secs.

Here are a couple of my favourite pics that I took:

Convoy pics:



Add Gee


my fave pic

Some other nice pics:


4.8mb - Add Gee vs Clio

4.2mb - Bicco vs Golf

4.3mb - Bicco vs Olly

4.2mb - ChrisB vs Miles

4.5mb - ChrisB vs ZS

4.2mb - Miles vs Golf

4.1mb - Olly vs Bicco

More vids due to requests from: Phazer & 180xs (Blue ZS 180 Owner)

4.2mb - ChrisB vs 180xs

4.4mb - Olly vs 180xs

4.6mb - Phazer vs 180xs

I have plenty more but wanted to upload 2 of each Migger to start with, any there after from this list: let me know and I'll up load them:

Enjoy! :beer:

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Olly, 18 runs!!!!! Hows the clutch lol.

I take it the fastest times were the early runs? thats the problem with Turbo cars, heat soak sets in and the cars lose bucket loads of power.

Looks like you all had a good day.

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lmao aye... clutch held out OK...

wasn't really disappointed in the times, but will be back down there stripped out week after PV, and Coombe... :D :beer:

oh, and PM Sent :beer:

EDIT: you've turned PM's off lmao neh mind - will speak to you soon :)

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Cool mate! Cheers :beer:

The in car one of me would be cool, well, anymore of me would be nice, as long as they are not ones of Chris beating me, which there cant be, that never happened :p

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awwwwwww whattttttt!!!!

i was trying to keep the file sizes as small as possible lmao lmao

didn't realise they were that short

EDIT: they appear ok my screen :confused:
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