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In the bodyshop...

Insides painted

First painted link.

Back from the bodyshop the re build starts...

First engine build.

Where do i start?

Been unhappy with my engine for a while...started a lil smokey on over run.. then when booting it..and its been clattering and knocking..
So when i was told about a calibra getting broken...and then asked did i want the engine... it just needs a clutch.
Would have been rude to say no....

So with the SC boys we ripped mr cally apart..big thanks to,

Astra Dan,Pitstoppete,DTM Dave,and a big big thanks to mig old school legend Sean Mcmanus.

With the engine home i set about taking it apart to do as much as i can...with the cash i have..

One dirty late xe,

One dirty f20,

Once i had the box off,i could see what was up with the clutch...

The release bearing was funked,wouldnt turn...bearings hanging out...
and it had done this to the clutch fingers,

With the box off it was time to set about cleaning it up...(yes thats me)

Scrubs up well dont you think...

Not sure about what colour to paint it yet...

With the engine on the stand i could start ripping the old bits off it...

Cambelt cover off,
cambelt wouldnt have lasted long me thinks...

Alt off,which was only held on but the top bracket,that sean had to have welded when it snaped...cause someone hadnt put in the bottom bolt...anyone want a 100amp weapon?

Said bracket,

With the thermostat off, i gave it a quick buff up..will do more later..


thats all for now...
but here are my other plans...on a budget...

cam belt and rollers,
water pump?
fly wheel bolts*Got*
manifold gasket,
oil and filter,

sump gasket 16v,
oil breather pipe( sump2cam cover)
sort out lighten flywheel...

chrome cam cover and belt cover...with pully holes,(swap cam pullys)
chrome heat sheald,
black cover bolts,
paint gear box bits,
paint block,
paint mounts,
polish and chrome dispack mount.

cts and temp sensor,
dispack thingie bit,
battrey wiring,

More comming soon kids....Might be a boring read..hope it isnt,if it is..dont read it...

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awsome...another great nova being made better :D may i suggest powder coat white for the box+rocker cover? or polished up like the thermostat??...polished will look awsome

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nice one mate watch they wings when yer pulling and pushing enignes in and out the top :p


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looking good matey ... pretty much what i have planned for my XE once its out one astra before it goes into the other :)

did yiou order clutch from autovaux?

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looking good matey ...

did yiou order clutch from autovaux?
Thanks dude,and nah,wont use autovaux anymore, got it from the motorfactor over the road from work,40sheets...:D
and nice sig....

Rather you than me! She sounds like a right bucket!

Good news on the new engine, I knew the old one wasn't without its troubles.

keep us posted & hope it looks mighty shinee when installed.
Bit of carpete and its all good...and yeh smartie up the high street...lmao
and yep will up date as i go along...and so shiney there weill be shades underthe bonnet at shows for people to wear...:p

Nice to see here getting a new engine.
she needs it....And my new back box was waiting for me when i got in too....
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