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My car would be stuck in town again if it wasnt for the invaluable Mr Dickson.

Got the clutch cable replaced and things seamed fine, however driving into town for an exam this afternoon all was not well.

Car was kangarooing something terrible, had even less power than normal and by the time I got into town I couldnt select any gears. I even stalled rolling down a hill trying to engage 2nd and a bunch of school kids laughed at me :(

Sent Dave a text and luckily he replied just as I was coming out of my exam, he dropped everything and came up to look at my car which was in a nice big car park.

His offical, techincal diagnosis- "somethings ***ked"

Anyway with only a trust wheel brace to hand he sucessfully fixed the whole problem within 2 minutes.

Massive thanks to Dave, its handy to have such clued up, and generous people there if you need them.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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