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Hi guys ive logged into this forum after probably close to a decade hoping someone can help me after months and months of no luck with this car of mine, any help will be appreciated.

Ive got a mk2 cavalier F reg with a c20ne engine fitted

Ive had this car for 5 years and in those 5 years its always had starting problems, very very rarely it will start and when started it runs fine with no problems what so ever.

Ive got 2 Bar fuel pressure while cranking, injectors are opening for fuel, spark plugs are getting wet.

I have spark at all 4 leads, spark is good (tested with spark testers)

Ive fitted a new coolant temp sensor, spark plugs, HT leads

Am i right to assume crank sensor is ok, if it wasnt i wouldnt get spark or fuel?

All earths are in place and ive checked all wiring also paperclip test shows no codes, ive tried another ECU

Only problem i see is while cranking the EML stays on

If anyone can shed some light on this please.
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