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Bought this in August 2008 as a non runner.
It had a fuelling problem - one of the injectors was stuck open and the I later discovered the ECU was faulty.
In short I have spent every bit of free time on the car for the past two months and have taken two weeks off work so far to try and sort it out, and spent nearly 1500 on parts.

I have since replaced the majority of parts.
I replaced the engine with an 80k miler, a new clutch, vacuum lines, and all the modules that the engine depends on (knock sensor, boost sensor, ignitor). The engine was running before it went in the car. I have also replaced all the filters. Replacement of the fuel filter in the engine bay had it running perfectly, but returned to normal later on in the day. I replaced the slave cylinder on the clutch/gearbox as the previous one leaked. The clutch now will not bleed at all.
I have replaced the aftermarket alloys with widebody alloys, which are 8" on the back and 7" on the front, and have new tyres on the rears, which comes with a widebody spare, and a spacesaver is in the boot.
I have fitted a dump valve and a vacuum fed boost gauge (as opposed to the stock dash gauge which get's it info from the ECU). There is also an inline fuel pressure gauge in the engine bay.

The car comes with a load of parts:
A complete spare engine (complete with turbo, inlet, downpipe, ECU (which is faulty!)
4 Spare 16" after market alloys with brand new Maxxis tyres
3 Boost sensors
2 Knock sensors
2 Ignitor modules
1 air con compressor unit (removed from engine)
Exhaust temp gauge, air/fuel ratio gauge, fuel lean (turbo) gauge
Complete throttle body
4 injectors

Loads of other parts

Bad points:
The clutch does not have any hydraulic pressure, the pedal sinks to the floor with about 2 inches of 'pressure' which isn't enough to change gears
The fork which moves the release bearing is worn, but I have made a quick fix which will probably need replacing at some point
There is a bodged repair job on the driver's side wing (front), which has had filler on rust. Easy repair or cheap replacement

The under side is totally solid, apart from the jacking point on the right hand side. The underside is waxoyled and the leather interior is spotless. The whole car is beautiful and well looked after and everything works!
I am gutted to sell it, I have just got to a point where I've had enough and can't do this everynight.

I'm selling at £8oo. The car will need to be trailered, and will not be an easy fix - it has been through 19 owners so far, so don't believe it'll be an afternoon job - it won't!!!!!! You have been warned!!!!

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Just to point out, the tank needs to be flushed, as I believe there is a build up of 'stuff' that keeps blocking the filter, and it possibly needs a new master cylinder on the clutch.
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