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Right chaps it's been requested, so it's happening

Thursday 26th June - Cadwell Park (a PROPER racetrack set in rolling hills, with camber and gradient changes! It is worth the drive no matter where you are from!)

This is a full day open Pitlane - £149 for as many laps as you can manage

The East Midlands convoy will be leaving Nottingham, from the Shell garage on the A52 at Priory Island (NG9 2TA) at 6am, aiming to reach the circuit via the new A46 by 7.30am. This is usually the time that signing on and noise testing begins (it's a 105db limit). The postcode for Cadwell Park is LN11 9SE

You will need to:
- Bring your driving licence
- Bring a helmet (or hire one on the day for £10)
- Pay in advance via the Javelin website
26th June 2014

For those of you who want it, there is a qualified ARDS instructor on hand for tuition at £20 for 20 minutes

There is also a professional photographer on hand...

The day will run as follows:

- Arrive at the track
- Sign-on and receive your wristband
- Get your car noise tested
- Attend safety briefing (rules, flags etc)
- Drive 3 sighting laps behind the safety car
- Open pitlane trackday!

There will be awards for the following
- Quickest lap time
- Most expensive car overtaken
- Best crash

All are welcome, from experienced to complete novices.

Any questions about the day, the track or what you need to do to prepare feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Please add your name below if you are attending, and add PAID once you're paid up!



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Nearly ready to book on
Good man :)

Are these a regular event Ben, as car won't be ready but fancy it later in the year.
Javelin Trackdays run Cadwell fairly frequently.

Me and the guys I do trackdays with prefer it, but we plan on going to Oulton Park next, sometime in August/September for a change

Who's driving what? As I'm seriously considering this and the calibra won't be ready, but I'll blast round in the mg
So far the list of atendees is this:
Graham King Lotus Exige Confirmed
Simon Medley / Wayne Eldon Peugeot 205 Confirmed
Alastair Crozier Lotus 2 Eleven Confirmed
David Duncan Lotus Elise S2 Confirmed
Simon Green Westfield Duratec Confirmed
Scott Robson TBA Confirmed
Andy Gordon Ariel Atom 300 Confirmed
Ronnie Gordon Lotus Elise Confirmed
Neil Curr Lotus Exige Confirmed
Stuart Pollock Lotus 211 Confirmed
Russell Neller / Paul Neller Subaru Impreza Confirmed
Fred Simcox Snr / Fred Simcox Jnr Ford Fiesta XR2i Confirmed
Nick Hall Golf R32 Confirmed
Richard Paterson RAW Striker RS Confirmed
Colin Castle / Steven Castle Westfield Megablade Confirmed

More details here
CADWELL PARK DAY - 26th June 2014

Baz will be in his Astra 888
Tony in his Golf 4-motion
Matt in his Clio 172
And me upside-down on fire in my 911

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Got to drop out I'm afraid, too much to do before September to get the GSi ready and haven't even started on the 888 yet

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