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Right ladies and gents it's the September meet on Sunday 8th September, starting at 1pm at Peacock Hotel, Oakerthorpe, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 7LN

This is the most amazing thing that happens anywhere on a Sunday.

We have a wide range of members and Vauxhalls of all types, from an old Chevette, a rare Mk2 GTE Quiksilver right up to the Corsa D VXR. Anyone is welcome to attend, no matter what you drive. Families / kids also welcome as there are food and drinks available and a play area.

If perhaps you're new to the site, or don't post much then feel free to come along. We were all new once upon a time!

Previous meet pics...

Please add your name if attending and feel free to spread the word on the other forums!
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