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Well, been today in fife to pick something up. apparently it was that:

It's a proper SRi with 2.0 16 valver, that's going for sale soon, if someone fancies it, or might put it in my other mates Corsa B for fun :D

and I have that kicking about at my mates:

So the car is TAXed until end of the month, after that it's going SORN'ed and get the engine swap done.

Whilst driving, I will take them "lexus-****e" rear lamps and try to get the GSi ones (or even swap them over with someone who fancies them)

then couple more things to be done (my Alpine IDA-X200 in, speakers, Electrical/Heated mirrors, and couple of small bits and bobs as well)

That's the beginning, so watch this space for any updates on the go ;)

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