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As above.
Was going to take my old engine out and re-build it, but then i'll be car-less for longer.

At the moment, I have on the way :-

A Nova 1.6 head complete with piper cam
New exhaust manifold (one of thouse 4 into 1 jobbies)
Manifold for twin 40 Weber Carbs
Weber 40 Carbs

What shall I use as the bottom end for the above ?
Shall I just grab a GTE one ?
Would a 16v one suit ? Any gen ?

Any power estimates for the above?



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The 1.6 Nova GTE head will only fit the Nova block, a C20XE bottom block is totally different. However you can fit the 1.6L 16v head (ie corsa) on a Nova bottom block.
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