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No responsibility is given or implied, etc, etc.
Guide was done by : Mr James Lomas / Cav Lad


I decided to fit Evo5 chips into my C20LET ECU and since I can do it, I thought I'd pass on a rough guide I did,

while I was fitting the chips.

( Sorry its not the best of guides ) but it's my first go.

Here goes..

Starting from the point that the ECU is out of your car,

There are 10 tabs and 4 screws holding the ECU cover plate on, the tabs will

need to be prised open, the 4 screw are hex type which will require the
correct fitment to loosen these.

Once you’ve lose the above the cover will the slide off, then you will see the ECU circuit board.

There is what people call posts on the rear of the ECU
Show in picture

These need prised open so you can pop open the rear of the ECU.

There is a 3rd post in the centre of the ECU (which I damaged) but nothing to be to concerned about

You will need to lift the circuit board over this post to pull open the ECU…

I’m calling this the front view of the ECU…

Here you will need to slide screw driver or some sort down the left and right to prise open the tabs that inside.

This picture shows that you lift rear and pull back after you’ve done the above with screw drivers.

Then this will happen

The circuit board will then pop out of the front and will open out like this

In this ECU the chips have covers, my Gsi ECU didn’t this is not a problem as you can see they will pop on using a screw driver of something similar

The chip is sitting on what look like a pate. Not the actual circuit board

Again I used a small screw driver to prise the chip off doing this from both sides of the chip, so that you don’t bend the pins

To refit the new chip there is a little dent / delve on the plate and on the chips match those up and fit the chip into the hole on the plate, ( you might have to bend the chip pins in slightly) to match them up with the hold just be very careful on this part.

Then that’s the new chip fitted, and out everything back together which is start forward.

This is a rough guide, when I have more time I’ll do a better guide and write up.

Hope this rough guide helps.
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