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Before Xmas I bumped my car into another, caused no damage to the other car, however mine didnt do too well, it pushed the corner rear bumper in and a crease and a few scratches, I've pushed it back out from underneath put it has white marks now as the plastic has stretched, I've had a good look and I dont think I've caused any damage beyond the bumper although I havent taken it off to inspect it fully.

I don't think it can be repaired to be honest because theres a crease right on the detailed bit of the bumper and it wouldn't be worth it, so I was thinking about just ordering a new bumper from vauxhall and fit it myself, but I was wondering how easy it is to fit? and whats underneath the bumper besides the bodywork etc, all I can see is two torx type screws when I open the boot.

My car is a Astra 1.6i SXI (3 door) Star Silver

I've had a look on ebay, but I've decided i want a new one.

Thanks in advance
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