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Right, 1989 Cav mk3
When been breaking befor and over roof road, i would get a juder noise which i though was steering rack.

And no, all of a sudden, I'm getting a really back kncocking sound when going more or less any speed over anything really, over speed bumps @ 20, nothings, but over a rough man hole @ 10-60 its preety bad.

I'm thinking steering rack?
I had a brief look, best i could, bearing in mind i was in the middle of dark country lanes :eek: (and no i wasnt thrashing it, thats the wierd thing, i wasnt pushing it hard @ all:confused:)
I grabed the steering arm thing, the green bars, about 1inch thick, and jiggled um.
When jiggling the left 1, a small knocking noise on the right hand side somewhere (as u look from the front of car) and when jiggling the right arm the noise was worse.
The arms are connected fine and not loose @ all as far as i can tell, and the noise sounded like it was coming from behind the arms, sorta in the cab :confused:

Also, my steering has gone quite light past 2 days, for no reason.

So what's any1 think?

Cheers guys n gals :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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