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Can anybody help me please with the code for my stereo?

its a Philips car 400 GM0400Y2755233, im hoping thats serial number its imprinted in the steel side casing. No original sticker with 14 digit code on
No. 09 136 106
Type: Car 400
Made in Germany

2 other codes on it

9022 213 99759 00
003 0033 2755233

If theirs anybody out there that can help me find it out without a dealership ripping me clean off or scammy online joke services, please get in touch. Its making me depressed as [email protected]
my recent purchase of 21k mk4 astra 8v is being spoilt by the fact i cant pump out my old rave cassettes lol
i would just bin it but i dont wana be left with dead controls on steering wheel or lose function of the trip computer thing.

if anybody can do it txt me thanks guys 07718852705
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