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Hi, the trauma was me when I realised how much it was gonna cost to repair! So just to make sure the money is being well spent can I just ask for a bit of 'expert' advice and guidance.

First noticed a problem with an oily scum in my coolant bottle just before Christmas when I was preparing for a drive from London to Scotland. It had been in for a service 4 weeks prior with no problems, to be honest I thought that someone at the garage had mistakenly put oil in the coolant bottle. I checked the oil at that time and could see no problems there with the levels being adequate.

After Christmas I took the car back to the garage and they couldn't see anything wrong and as the oil had taken me up to Scotland and back without the need for topping up and was still adequate they didn't think it was the gasket. They flushed through the system for me and it seemed to be fine.

Whilst checking the water again for a trip to Devon I noticed the oily scum had returned so checked the oil but that was still okay. I didn't know whether it might be down to the normally very short daily trips I make but after taking it back to the garage they now say it is the head gasket and it needs to be replaced.

The car is only four years old and has been serviced regularly and is reasonably well looked after by me. I have been quoted for 7 hours labour and for pressure testing to the cylinder head and skim, with replacements for the head gasket,oil, cambelt etc the whole job is going to cost over £700.

Does this sound like a lot? Does this sound like the right diagnosis? And if so what have I done to the car for this to happen so soon? I have only ever driven one other newer car besides this one and none of my old bangers have ever had anything as major as this needed doing. Help please!

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