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Had to return the Vauxhall Sports Car Club flags from the Belguim trip so we decided to meet up at motorbodies in Luton and have a look around (as they are open late)

Out the back was a Red Monaro VXR.
Looked very naughty indeed and obviously the production models over here are getting 6 speed manuals where as the one i went out in was the Auto (Vauxhall Eval car)

Really nice car indeed 19"s that actually dont look that big - suspension looked good and the brakes were massive (for standard anyway) Had VXR on the seats which was a nice touch the only thing missing for me was a nice little VXR graphic on the clock would have been nice. But then again would put cost up.

Looks so mean and moody i would certainly move out the way for it.
Sorry didnt take any pics! But if your in the Luton area pop in and have a look. :)
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