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This started life as a bog stock 1.6D, in horrible council yellow. One of the doors was painted with a brush ferchrissakes.

the cam had had it, so we started looking for a new engine - and got a 1.7D (newly re-built) - lobbed it in. Wo-Hooo! now capable of over 75MPH! lmao

Not enough..... power does corrupt...

Long story short - bought a GTE 16V with a shot ECU and shot body for 100 quid. Lobbed the seats in, and am now in the process of chopping the engine out of the the old chassis.

the styling has been influanced by the local nova boyz - not enough money, not enough patience - so all the body mods are done as badly as possible, in the cheapest possible way.

The GTE front end fitted on easily enough, but the spoiler was a bit more interesting - not having any mounts for it, we just bent some bolts till it fitted.

The GTE is donating most of its guts - suspension, complete with brakes, (but we cant be arsed to fit the ABS), digi-dash, seats etc etc

Special care was taken in doing the go-faster-stripe in green insulation tape.


Clarion trape deck - about 5W running two sets of standard issue vauxhall 6" speakers mounted (badly) into the wooden separator pnel, wired up using household mains cable.

Flashing yellow light!
1 pair spots bolted through the roof
1 pair (currently off) welded to the slam panel through the grille
more to come.

always wanted!!!!
(PM ME!!!)
More spots
Dark tint windows
leccy windows
horrible spoilers
nasty alloys (preferably non-matching style, but same size - so any scuffed / kerbed ones would be great)
silly aerials
silly blue washer jets

lets piss someone off ;)

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